The Experience


A fresh start. A new beginning. In this White Wonderland, we toast to life, love, and all those things that have helped guide us successfully through another year.

Our most intimate celebration, White Wonderland is where we put our best foot forward, greeting the New Year with friends, family, and positive energy. Join us for the first step of what’s sure to be an exciting 2015!

By wearing white from head to toe, attendees contribute to the aesthetic of the night and the theme of clean slates and fresh starts. So we ask that everyone wear white and greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping to create the evening’s magical atmosphere. Those arriving not in white will be turned away. A limited amount of white clothing will be available for sale.


  • White attire: Plain white collared shirts, T-shirts, dresses, tops, suits, blazers, ties, pants, shorts or leggings/tights are all good!
  • Silver & gold accents: Great, as long as your outfit is predominantly white.
  • Shoes: Try your best to wear white or light-colored shoes.
  • Accessories/jewelry: Watches, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry items should be white/glitter/sparkles but may incorporate other colors, so long as white is the most prominent color of the entire outfit.


Large-scale, interactive art installations are part of what makes Insomniac events so unique. We work with a variety of talented artists to curate and produce innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces that contribute to the magic of each festival—and make great backgrounds for photos! Be sure to check out the art of White Wonderland—especially our Wishing Tree, where you can write down your New Year’s resolutions and hang them alongside those of your fellow Headliners.

 White Wonderland will feature a glittering, sparkling entourage of theatrical performers, including twisting aerialists, towering stilt-walkers and dramatic dancers to enhance the experience. Of course, we also have some top-secret surprises up our sleeves for our fourth annual New Year’s Eve celebration!